There’s been some but unfortunately, not enough (IMHO) discussion about collecting PILOT payments from our non-profits. Clearly – not all non-profits have land holdings assessed at more than $1 million but there certainly are some who could “afford” to “contribute” more to our City coffers since the City does provide services to them. The Boston City Council will hold a public hearing on the PILOT program, and the importance of increasing enforcement, accountability, and transparency #ExpandThePie #BosPoli 

According to this FB post:  “The PILOT (Payment in Lieu of Taxes) Program asks 49 large tax exempt non-profits in the City of Boston to voluntarily pay 25% of their potential property taxes. This money is meant to cover city services they inevitably use, like road maintenance, water distribution, and emergency services. 

However, in five years $60.8 MILLION of the requested PILOT contributions have been left unpaid, primarily by four universities: Northeastern, Boston College, Harvard, and Boston University. That’s money could go to fund education, housing, job creation, and so many other programs that would help Boston residents improve their quality of life. And that money is not too much to ask from our wealthy neighbors.”

Are our City leaders ready and willing to start asking our non-profits to make more substantial PILOT contributions?