Over on the very active Newton Parents Facebook page (if you’re not part of that community, consider joining), is a picture of a sign that appeared this morning on the door of Peet’s in Newton Centre

President of Retail Coffeebars John Coletta invited Newton residents to join him at 10am Friday for a discussion (the store closes for good at noon) as to how to stay in Newton. In the letter he says that he feels the community’s frustration and is looking for another location in the city. 

Coletta writes that the meeting is designed to “both express my gratitude and get your feedback on how we can quickly locate and build a new Coffeebar [sic] in the area”

Given the note posted on Village 14 from Newton Economic Development Director Kathryn Ellis pointing out that the retail location costs $75 per square foot, this would suggest that the issue isn’t so much about revenue, but about profits. Of course, the lack of seating could be an issue too.

If you’re going, be aware that the parking lot behind Peet’s is undergoing reconstruction.

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