After an impassioned discussion and several good arguments, the City Council voted 13-8 against putting a question on the ballot to ban recreational marijuana stores. 

Councilors voting against the ban were: Leary, Greenberg, Albright, Norton, Brousal-Glaser, Krintzman, Markiewicz, Downs, Crossley, Danberg, Noel, Grossman, and Kalis.

Yes votes were: Ciccone, Auchincloss, Cote, Kelley, Gentile, Rice, Schwartz, and Baker

Absent: Laredo

Recused: Lappin and Lipof

In a subsequent vote, councilors approved 19 -2 a ballot question about reducing the number of establishments to 2-4. No votes were from Councilors Gentile and Leary. 

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