By a vote of 3 – 1  – 2, the Programs and Services Committee voted to recommend to the City Council, that they place an “Opt-Out” Question on the ballot this November.  The Council Chamber was packed – standing room only and the balcony filled with residents concerned about the impact and effect commercialization of marijuana will have on children and our community.  About 35+ people testified – mostly in favor with a few (maybe 3 – 4) opposed.  Councilors debated whether to amend the question and instead ask the voters to limit the number of retail recreational establishments but Councilors Schwartz, Kalis and Rice voted to move the item forward to the City Council with one opposed (sorry – I left before hearing who opposed) and two Councilors abstaining.  I posted on my FB page during the meeting.  Can you believe I didn’t have Twitter on my phone?

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