Along with a downsizing notice, Boston Globe Editor Brian McGrory and President Vinay Mehra announced last week that Globe West (and South and North) will be eliminated, according to Media Nation’s Dan Kennedy. The regional editions will be combined into one section called Globe Local.

From McGrory’s memo to employees:

“One change worth noting is to our regional editions — Globe North, Globe South, and Globe West. Our editors do great work putting out high quality sections week after week, but revenue-wise, they are on the verge of going under water. We are planning to create one edition that will run across all zones, called Globe Local, and zone the advertising, so that businesses still have a lower cost, more targeted option.”

I cut my journalism teeth covering Newton for Globe West, back when the section published twice a week. While this move isn’t surprising, it is sad news for journalism and for Newton residents who want to know what’s going on in their community. Newton news coverage has taken yet another step downward.