Two weeks ago, I dragged 26 bags of leaves, branches, twigs and other debris out to the berm for the regular Tuesday yard waste pickup. The trucks never showed up that Tuesday or the following day. I wasn’t about to haul all these bags to the back of my house. I was just dialing City Hall on Thursday morning when the crews finally showed up. Unfortunately, every other neighbor on the street pulled their yard waste off the street before the trucks arrived.   

We’ve been going through the same routine for the past two weeks.  Pickup day on Tuesday, but yard waste not picked up until well into Thursday.    Same thing today.   My bags are still out there, but all my neighbors have pulled their barrels and bags off the street. 

I finally called 311 this morning and learned the City has a good excuse for these delays. Just a lot of yard waste from the harsh winter and even harsher early spring.   My 26 bags followed by 19 the following week attest to that.    The nice woman on the 311 line told me that everyone should leave their yard waste in place and the City will get to it in good order.   The City has posted all his on the City’s website.  Unfortunately, not many homeowners browse this regularly.   I do suggest  they tap the City’s “robocall” alert system for things like this in the future.