The following group petition requiring the City Council to hold a public hearing was filed with the City Council today:

“Each of the undersigned requests that the City Council of the City of Newton hold a public hearing for the City Council to place a measure on the ballot on or before November 6, 2018:

 A general ordinance as follows:

 Operation of recreational (non-medical) marijuana establishments as defined in Massachusetts General Law c.94G is prohibited in Newton, provided that a marijuana establishment that was licensed and approved to operate as a Medical Marijuana Treatment Center (Registered Marijuana Dispensary) in the City of Newton prior to July 1, 2017 may, if otherwise allowed by zoning, (a) cultivate non-medical marijuana; (b) manufacture and/or produce non-medical marijuana related products; ( c) test non-medical marijuana and the products derived therefrom; ( d) engage in wholesale distribution of non-medical marijuana and non-medical marijuana products, but not to include retail sales thereof in the City of Newton.

 Each of the undersigned certifies that the signer is a registered voter of the city and that they have not signed this group petition more than once.”

This group petition, which required 50 certified signatures, was referred to the Programs and Services Committee. While the committee is required to hold a public hearing, it is not required to vote on the petition.