My favorite part of the Newton Festival of the Arts is back – the street pianos.   This year there’s a wonderful new wrinkle.  All nine pianos are all together today on the Newton Centre Green.  Tonight (Sat, May 5) at 6 PM there will be an event for nine pianos with specially composed and performed music on all nine.  I’m kicking myself that I can’t be there to see and hear it.

As usual, in the days ahead, the pianos will be distributed to street corners across the city and they’ll remain there through the month for spontaneous musical happenings with passersby  and some scheduled performances too.

This afternoon the Newton Centre Green was a spectacle to behold.  When I arrived there were people sitting and playing at all nine pianos.  A few of the artists that painted and decorated the beautiful pianos were there too.   In the middle of it all was the magician who makes this happen every year – Maria Beatriz Arvelo and her mother Marisa who comes from Venezuela every year for this special month.

Head down there tonight for the big kickoff at 6 PM and if you’re a piano player yourself email me at [email protected]  We’d love to recruit you to play some afternoon in the month ahead on Upper Falls’ amazing “love piano”.














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