The Newton LigerBots, our FIRST Robotics team, is competing today in Detroit. This is a huge competition with tens of thousands of people crowding a large stadium. I’ve been to one of these events and it’s overwhelming.

Actually, Newton has two teams there this weekend. The other is the Day Dragons, which won the FIRST LEGO Leauge Eastern Massachusetts State Championship that was held in Newton back in December. The Day Dragons will also be giving a presentation on the team’s project (which is a huge honor).

You can watch the LigerBots on a video feed from Daly Field. There are 6 fields at the event named for famous scientists: Archimedes, (Rachel) Carson, (Marie) Curie, (Marie) Daly, (Charles) Darwin, and (Nikola) Tesla. Winning alliance from each head to the Einstein field on Saturday.

The team match schedule is at the bottom of this page: and are listed below.

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