Abe Goteiner is a 70 year old retired Navy veteran who moved from Kansas City, MO to Worcester about a year and a half ago.  Yesterday he came across the following documents at a flea market in Shrewsbury.   He contacted a few of our City Councilors,  Andreae Downs contacted me, and I’m contacting all of you.  Now it’s time to do a little crowd-sourced local history research.

If anyone knows who any of these people are or has interest in any of these documents let us know in the comments below and we’ll pass the info along to Mr Goteiner.

  Came across a Graduation Exercises booklet from Newton High School, dated June 5, 1943. 

  On the program were: Presentation of Class Gift: Margery Ruth Snow, first vice-president of the senior class;
                                      Announcement of Meserve Fund Scholarship, Julius W. A. Kohler, Class of 1923.
                                      Announcement of Awards, Raymond A. Green, Principal of Newton High School.
                                      Pre-Induction Certificates (WWII), Julius E. Warren, Superintendent of Newton Schools.
                                      Presentation of Diplomas and Certificates, Ralph Taber, Chairman of the Newton School Committee and the Honorable Paul M. Goodard, Mayor of Newton.
    Also picked up the senior report card of Janet Hockridge, 32 Duncklee St., Newton Heights or Newton Highlands, MA. Classes in English, French, Ancient History, Physiology and Typing. Got an A in physiology, Bs in the rest.

    AND …
    Two letters written to Janet by Bobby Gallant and by Bob Wisner, both dated early in 1945. Gallant was stationed onboard the USS WASP in the Pacific and Wisner stationed at Camp Swift, Texas.


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