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On Monday, April 16, for the 122nd year the Boston Marathon once again made it’s way through the streets of Newton. The day was cold and wet and kept the crowd size down on Commonwealth Avenue to the smallest in recent memory. As the wheelchairs passed through the city… the area near city hall was surprisingly sparse. As time wore on more people showed up to watch and cheer the runners on. A group from Pasadena, California had a tent setup on the corner of Comm. Ave. and Walnut Street and was cheering on about twenty members of their club who were running that day. Despite the awful weather many said they expected to return and watch the event again.


Yuki Kawauchi is the first Japanese man to win the Boston Marathon since 1987. Keith E. Jacobson/Photo

Desiree Linden, a Michigan resident, fought the wind and rain as she motored up Commonwealth Avenue in Newton. She said in an interview that she considered dropping out of the race. She went on and became the first American woman to win the Boston Marathon since 1985. Keith E. Jacobson/Photo

Michael Hug (L) and Ernst van Dyk (R) finished the Boston Marathon in the #1 and #2 positions, respectively, in the men’s wheelchair division of the 122nd Boston Marathon. Keith E. Jacobson/Photo

Tatyana McFadden was the #1 finisher in the women’s wheelchair division of the 122nd Boston Marathon. Keith E. Jacobson/Photo

Weather seemed to be a factor causing this wheelchair athlete a minor mishap at Monday’s 122nd Boston Marathon. After a short delay he was able to recover and head on his was down Comm. Ave. towards the finish line in Boston. Keith E. Jacobson/Photo

As a safety precaution large vehicles blocked the intersection of Walnut Street and Commonwealth Avenue during the 122nd Boston Marathon, on Monday, April 16, 2018. A city employee said other intersections along the route were blocked in a similar way. Keith E. Jacobson/Photo.

Umbrellas came out as the rain came down at the 122nd Boston Marathon on Monday, April 16, 2018. Keith E. Jacobson/Photo

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