Great news! This past weekend the LigerBots secured their spot in the World Championships in Detroit! Now that the team has gotten there, it needs to actually get there!

The team, comprised of students from both Newton high schools, finished the 3-day New England District Championships with a rank of 24th out of the 209 teams in New England, qualifying for a trip to Detroit for the competition. That event takes takes place April 25-28th. 

The team has some great support from some amazing sponsors, but this is a bit of a bank buster. Competition registration is $5000 with another $15,000 to pay for the bus (this year we can manage to get one) and that’s why the team is undertaking a major, short-term fundraising effort. 

If you’d like to help out, visit https://ligerbots.org/sponsor – or message us on Facebook or email [email protected] if you are a corporate sponsor.


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