This is a 4 part question that’s been on my mind for a long time.  I’d like to throw it out there for all the regulars and newcomers to Village 14.  I’ll be honest in stating that I hope this leads to related posts by this generally reluctant contributor because they relate to transportation issues I’ve wrestled with for years at EPA and afterwards.  This is just a teaser to get the discussion going.  Here are the questions.  

  1.  What city and town do you work in and how do you get to work?
  2. If public transit is available for the commute, do you use it?
  3. If not, do you carpool?
  4. If not, what makes public transportation or carpooling not a feasible option for your work trip?

I was prompted by Jerry Reilly’s comment In a recent post that he commutes to work in Haverhill by auto each morning 5 days a week. It’s a 45 mile drive from Upper Falls to where he pulls into work.    That’s 90 miles or so every day or 450 miles each week, the approximate distance between Newton and Washington, D.C.    The Vehicle Miles Traveled (VMT) formula I used to work with at EPA assumed that because of holidays, vacations, sick days, unanticipated emergencies, etc., commuters like Jerry would travel back and forth to work by motor vehicles about 250 days a year.  This translates into roughly 22,500 miles a year.  

Jerry’s commute may seem unusual, but I’m not so certain that it really is.  I commuted 44 miles to Providence almost every work day for 4 years in the early 1980s. I don’t currently know anyone else that commutes 90 miles in a day, but I know a lot of people who put 60 to 65 miles on their vehicles during their daily commute.