Newton has been studying the safety of NPS High Schools after the Parkland High School shooting. Newton Wicked Local reporter Julie Cohen, in today’s article on the subject, uses an issue related format.

“The issue: As students memorialize the Parkland shooting victims and rally for gun control, we look at what Newton school and law enforcement officials are doing to avoid a similar incident.
The impact: What does this mean for the safety of students, teachers and staff?”


Newton is finding ways to balance student freedom and independence with safety and security. Open campuses ‘important’ for learning.


When Police Chief MacDonald was asked if he felt there were enough youth officers, he replied that “We’re well situated to keep our hands on the pulse of the schools … We’re better situated than most communities.” 

As for preventative measures, MacDonald said, “We need to be proactive to make things better,” including running staff training sessions for emergency situations. “The more drills you do, the better you’re going to react,

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