I admit it…I am an old fuddy-duddy who struggles to keep up with the technobabies who rule the digital world. But, I blog on Village 14. I am active in Waban Village politics (as President and leader of the Area council for six years and now as fundraiser for enhancing Waban Common in Waban Center) and City-wide politics (I estimate that I go to more meetings at City Hall than 99% of Newton residents.) I use a computer that has never been updated from Windows 7; I have a Smartphone, but use only a few of the features and don’t add many apps because I fear the freaky cyberculture that would destroy the good attributes of the web. I protect with virus and spam and other security blockers. I work full time. I have a healthy 53 1/2 year marriage and will turn 75 in twelve days.

I signed up for Twitter a while ago…but don’t really understand why or what I should use it for and only go to it when Twitter tells me I have a notification. I did sign up long ago, early in that avian life, to follow Emily on Twitter and finally “unfollowed” her because she sent out a zillion Tweets per day and I found them annoying. I told her why long ago. (I still like Emily).

So…how did I get the moniker “Crazy Pants” from Stan Harris in a Twitter chirp?  Who the heck is Stan Harris anyway?

Nonetheless, I am delighted to be listed in the company of those he otherwise maligns, or whose existence he doubts, on his way to the feedlot. What riveting analysis would he like from us headless talking heads?

Stan Harris @stanfromnewton 22h22 hours ago 

reading and going back for more popcorn. “Thin skinned , alcoholic , Crazy pants , gutless and No on Charter and a cameo by – who may or may not really exist. my oh my polictics