There is a petition being circulated by “Concerned Parents of the NNHS Community” among Newton parents and others calling for more security at our high schools.

The wording is vague but includes:


Let’s stop protecting our image and concerns of disrupting students daily routines. We can have it all and should make it happen.
We can’t trust research! Let’s lock all doors and demand Security be put in place.

The same group is planning a 

Protest at Saftey Meeting tomorrow 6:00 Ed Center.

School Committee member Margaret Albright answered several questions brought up in the thread.

Both Newton North and Newton South have open campus for students starting their second semester in 10th grade. Policies and procedures are the same at both schools. Open campus means that students are free to come and go during the day and not that the campus is open to non-students or anyone who wishes to come into the building.

Each high school has one dedicated resource officer and each school also has four campus aides. There are cameras in public areas and hallways at both high schools as well as on the exterior and in the parking lots.

There are two resources officers assigned to the elementary and middle schools. One covers Day, Bigelow and north side elementary schools and the other covers Oak Hill, Brown and south side elementary schools. Thank you to the Newton Police for providing four, trained youth officers as resource officers for our schools.

What do you think about security at our high schools? Should it be tighter? Armed security guards? Metal detectors? 



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