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I’m not often home to catch “Greater Boston” on WGBH, so it was extra nice to hear a familiar voice Monday night, as city councilor Emily Norton was one of Jim Braude’s guests to talk about Boston’s second ‘once in a generation’ flood this season, as director of the Massachusetts chapter of the Sierra Club. The other guest was Richard McGuinness, deputy director for climate change and environmental planning at the Boston Planning & Development Agency (formerly the BRA). I don’t think it was meant to be a debate, but Emily seemed much more in command than Mr. McGuinness, who had a bit of a Rick Perry moment when pressed by Jim Braude on why Boston wasn’t making better building standards mandatory instead of voluntary.

Also worth reading the March 3 Washington Post article that Braude found so compelling, where Norton warns that “Boston will return to its historic boundary lines,” if more isn’t done to reduce fossil fuel consumption, as opposed to spending billions on seawalls.