Newton South students spent about 10 minutes out in the cold today, but the problems could be a bit more severe. From the Principal on the Newton South PTSO blog

What started in the morning as a major water leak due to a frozen, split coil in a heating unit became in the afternoon a short in an electrical box in the basement boiler room due to the water, prompting the fire alarm system to sound and forcing an evacuation into the cold weather around 1 pm.  Students were outside for 10-15 minutes while the fire department assessed the situation and determined that it was safe for students to reenter all other parts of the building except for the part with the boiler room (the 9000 building).

I’m hearing that there could be major problems in the shop, including lost materials. Given that the LigerBots have our big kickoff this weekend and are scheduled to start our 6-week build season, losing the shop could be a big deal.