Merry Christmas to all you Village14’ers.  Our merriment has been tempered a bit this beautiful snow filled morning by an old festering thorn in our sides.

I just got a call from my next door neighbor Bobby.  He’s fed up and annoyed once again and so am I.  I’ve been living in Newton for nine years and in that entire time I’m guessing there have only been maybe three snows that the city plowed our street without being 311’ed, begged, cajoled, and whined at to do it.  Each time we deal with the city, aside for asking to get plowed, we ask them to address whatever systematic problem they seem to have – add us to the map, put us in the GPS system, add us to the checkboxes, whatever it takes so that getting this most basic of city services doesn’t have to be treated like a special favor, over and over , and over again.

Yes, Spring St is a very small street.  We understand that it won’t be one of the first streets plowed, but when every other street in the city has been done, please, please, please take a pass at Spring St.

I’ve long since accepted that we’ll never get the Tab delivered, I even grudgingly accept (though I shouldn’t) that I have to haul my trash to a neighboring street to get it picked up every week, but is it too much to ask that we get that most basic of city services – plowing, without it being a special favor that we have to beg for over and over again.

Last year, my neighbor reached the breaking point after one of the storms and walked down to the City Yard on Elliot St and exploded.  He cleared out of there as they were calling 911 on him.  I don’t blame the yard workers, an angry Bobby would scare the hell out of me too.

Can someone out there figure out how this can be fixed?  Can you bring winter joy to Spring St?  Can you keep Bobby from getting arrested for assault?  Is it too much to ask?

That’s what we here on Spring St want for Christmas this year.

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