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After all the great feedback I’ve heard about the candidate stories, I thought I’d go digging in the video archives.

Here are five more stories from candidates and elected officials from earlier Nomad Story Slams.

The first Nomad Story Slam was in Nov 2014.  Mayor Setti Warren told a heartfelt story of a lost friend.  Council president Scott Lennon told the story of getting ‘the call’ and he had people grinning and crying at the same time.  School Committee’s Margie Ross Decker told a tale from Cambodia.

The following spring, at Nomad Story Slam #4 the theme was “a long way from home”.  City Councilor David Kalis came and told a wild tale of finding himself at the crossroads of history.   That same night recent School Committee candidate Gail Spector told a wonderfully moving story about ‘going home’.


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