All of the campaigns for mayor, City Council, and School Committee have been going on for a LONG time.  We’re now down to the final days and the closer we get, the more agitated everybody seems to be coming.  Look no further than the comments here on Village14 over the last few weeks if you doubt me.

So here’s a plan.  This Sunday, the Newton Conservators are running their Aqueduct walk.  They do these a few times a year and if you’ve never been, you should.  It’s a wildly different view of the city. Newton is trisected by the Sudbury and the  Cochituate (pronounced (koch-i-twa’-tee).  The two aqueducts and the Charles River form a triangle.  Each of the aqueducts have walking paths on them and they thread their way through the city, behind the streets, behind the houses, and much of it is very beautiful.

So Sunday afternoon at 2 PM, starting at the Starbucks in Waban, take a few hours off from all the campaigning, take a deep breath, and go for a five mile walk on some beautiful terrain of Newton that you’ve never seen.  Your host will be the world famous trolley car thief Henry Finch from the Conservators.  He’s a fountain of information about the aqueducts, the Newton Conservators, and trolley car larceny.

Go to or 617-964-4488 for more info.  I highly recommend it.