The editorial in this week’s Newton TAB says ‘No’ is the right vote on charter plan. It focuses on how the proposed charter will eliminate Newton’s eight ward-elected councilors and says:

“Ward representation has been a critical element of Newton’s political process for 125 years, ensuring the city’s diverse villages each have a voice on matters before City Council.”

“…[T]he ward councilor system provides built-in accountability for neighborhood representation and good local governance.”

“…[T]he position of ward councilor makes running for City Councilor much more accessible to many candidates, especially those who lack sufficient time and/or money to campaign across Newton’s 18-plus square miles.”

We’ve had several threads about the charter proposal, with about 600 comments in all in the last two months.  What new points do you want to make?  Or what points have not received sufficient discussion?  What did the TAB miss or get right?

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