At this point, most candidates for office have taken a position on the Charter. Below is a list of which candidates in contested elections are on which side of this debate:


Scott Lennon
Ruthanne Fuller
Alison Leary
Nicole Castillo
Susan Albright
Jake Auchincloss
Andrea Kelley
Allison Sharma
Deb Crossley
Andreae Downs
Brenda Noel
Bridget Ray-Canada
Eileen Sandberg
Anping Shen
Matthew Miller


Maria Scibelli Greenberg
Franco Cedrone
Jay Ciccone
Janet Sterman
Braden Houston
Jim Cote
Julia Malakie
Chris Markiewicz
Brian Yates
Dick Blazar


Kathy Marchi
Margaret Albright
Cyrus Vaghar
Gail Spector

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