From the NTA Facebook page:

The Newton Teachers Association Endorses Bridget Ray-Canada and Matt Miller for School Committee.

The Newton Teachers Association Representative Assembly voted unanimously on Wednesday, October 11th, to endorse the candidacies of Bridget Ray-Canada and Matt Miller for the School Committee open seats in Wards 1 and 8, respectively.

Both Matt Miller and Bridget Ray-Canada impressed us as courageous leaders who will stand behind the Newton Public Schools in our continuing effort to cultivate a civic culture of inclusion and equity. Both are clearly dedicated to ensuring that the schools flourish. Both impressed us as capable professionals who will be careful stewards of the schools, supportive of educators and administrators, but unafraid to ask tough questions when necessary. Both will put the children of Newton first.

Every candidate for School Committee recognizes that the Newton Public Schools has fiscal restraints. All acknowledge the need for trade-offs. How they think the schools must address this need distinguishes the candidacies of Matt Miller and Bridget Ray-Canada.

Matt Miller recognizes that “educators are in a unique position to give feedback on what is working and what is not.” He is unequivocal in his opposition to outsourcing the work of the Newton Public Schools custodians. He is committed to continuing to offer “fully comprehensive and well-funded health insurance” to NPS employees. And he “want(s) to work collaboratively with the unions to find creative solutions [to our fiscal restraints] where both sides feel their goals have been met.”

Bridget Ray-Canada also sees Newton’s educators as a key source of the schools’ excellence. She makes clear that outsourcing is not an effective strategy for financial savings and, even if it were, imposes high “social costs” in terms of “harm to employees, community, schools, and students.” She knows the district must find ways to close the budget gap, but recognizes that “Newton should continue to offer comprehensive health benefits to its employees.” She will make it a priority to work collaboratively with the Newton Teachers Association in negotiations so that the Newton Public Schools can “continue to recruit and retain the best educators” while “being sure the city can sustain the costs long-term.”

Bridget Ray-Canada and Matt Miller will be respectful, fair-minded and transparent partners to Newton’s educators and conscientious advocates for Newton’s children. They are the clearly the best candidates to represent Wards 1 and 8 on the School Committee.