I was contacted over the summer by Newton resident Michael Halle.  Here’s what he had to say ...

“I am new to Newton, but I love pieces of its history. It makes me sad to see it forgotten, or neglected. Today my family and I took a paddle boat out on the Charles, and it made me think of Norumbega and how grand it must have been to listen to big band concerts from canoes (not to mention the almost unimaginable splendor of the midway).

What do you think of the dream of “Norumbega for an Evening”: music for those on and off shore, picnic dinners, stories, floating lanterns, maybe dancing? Auburndale Cove. Who would join in to dream and help?”

This idea struck a chord with me.  Even though I didn’t grow up in Newton my parents told us stories about going to the Totem Pole Ballroom and canoeing at Norumbega when they were dating.  I told Michael I’d love to help make it happen and try to round up other folks too.

So this is a call to arms to anybody who would like to help with this bodacious project.  No planning has begun but best guess is that it might happen early next June, possibly in conjunction with an “Auburndale porchfest”.  

We posted a notice on the Auburndale Facebook page last night and have already got a number of enthusiastic responses there.  It looks like Michael has already struck a chord with a number of people.   What about all you Village 14’ers?  Who’s in for bringing Norumbega back to life for a night?

Anybody interested in kicking this idea around with Michael Halle (who proposed it) and me sometime soon?

At this point, the more big and crazy ideas the better. Contact [email protected] and/or [email protected]  We’ll plan an evening some time soon to get everyone together and try to get this Norumbega ball rolling


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