Full Disclosure: I personally participated in the endorsement process and am an active member of Progressive Newton.

To all Newton Voters,

We are excited to announce that Progressive Newton has endorsed eleven excellent candidates in contested local races this Fall.

All of Newton can vote for these candidates:

Newton City Council (At-Large)

Nicole Castillo, Ward 1
Alison Leary, Ward 1
Susan Albright, Ward 2
Andrea Kelley, Ward 3
Deb Crossley, Ward 5
Andreae Downs, Ward 5

Newton School Committee

Bridget Ray-Canada, Ward 1
Matthew Miller, Ward 8

Residents of the candidates’ wards also can vote for these candidates:

Newton City Council (Ward-Only Seats)

Maria Scibelli Greenberg, Ward 1
Allison Sharma (Write-In), Ward 4
Brenda Noel, Ward 6

Based on these candidates’ responses to our questionnaire and the entirety of their public record, our Endorsements Committee is confident that these candidates share our most deeply held values and are the best candidates to move Newton forward in a positive direction. Our membership agreed, ratifying each of the Endorsement Committee’ recommendations with over 60 percent of the vote.

Newton is fortunate to have so many talented and progressive residents willing to serve in public office.

We urge you to look for these candidates around town, and to vote for them on Tuesday, November 7th. They will serve Newton well.

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