Keeping in mind that as a primary, turnout is lower than the regular election, I was curious how the three major candidates did in each Ward. I have the precinct data if anyone is interested, and I’m not sure there are too many surprises here. The precinct data is posted in a difficult-to-use PDF format on the city’s site. I wish they’d put it out in more usable format. 

But, looking at this chart it’s clear that Lennon’s strength in his home Ward and neighboring Ward 3 is really what carried him. Sangiolo had some consistency across the city (with obvious strength in Ward 4 and weakness in Ward 7) while Fuller did well across several key areas. But that Ward 1 number for Lennon is the outlier here.

That said, Wards 7 and 8 didn’t have the turnout that the other areas saw (second chart), so it will be interesting to see if Fuller’s strength there carries over to the heavier turnouts that usually come with final election.



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