I am excited to be campaigning for re-election as your City Councilor at Large, W-3.

My background is well grounded in family values growing up in a family of 8 children, to now being a parent along with my loving wife Albie of 10 children. Albie, a Newton North grad, is herself a long time Newton resident of over 40 years, and serves on the Governors Latino Advisory Commission Large family experiences teach you to be resourceful and accountable to others.

Joining the Marines out of high school, I served for 20 years, attaining the rank of First Sergeant. Marines are noted for many positive attributes, and the values that I gained have served me well in my non-military life.

The one value that stands out among many is that I volunteered at the age of 18 to serve the community and country as a whole, and this is something that I continue to this day by serving in volunteer capacities, to include my current roles on Boards for a Lawrence and Jamaica Plain homeless shelter; and a Dorchester Health Center, service in the Hispanic Lions Club, and importantly my church community.

My reason for seeking re-election to the City Council is to continue community service in a broader sense by capitalizing on the knowledge gained in my 3+ years on the Council serving on the Committees of Land Use and Public Safety. My focus is on the residents and business owners using my common sense, down to earth style. Hands on, I serve as the peoples eyes and ears in city government and go where others can’t such as being the only City Councilor to have:

  • Participated in Fire Fighting Training Exercises
  • Participated in Police “Live Shooter” Training
  • Driven with the Waste Management Crews
  • Spent Time on the DPW Sidewalk Crew
  • Accompanied a Snow Plow Crew

Newton faces change and challenges as we seek to balance a very successful city by moving forward weighing important options. Consistency is key and I have demonstrated this continuously during committee and Council discussions, and votes on:

  • Municipal Government: Seek to keep Council focus on City matters
  • Development: Carefully evaluate each project and stay consistent by seeking growth over existing footprint
  • Public Safety: Relentless on resident safety
  • Non-Partisan: Represent all residents
  • Recognition: An Important Duty of the Council is to recognize citizen accomplishments.

Our city has to focus on frugal money management, and every budget needs a solid review and should be justified to the taxpayers, and this includes every departmental budget. This year I again worked for changes to the budget, and not seeing progress, could not in good conscience vote to approve the budget. This action has had the positive effect of bringing increased scrutiny to the underfunded aspects of future budgets.

Serving as a City Councilor has humbled me as I have encountered many great people that work tirelessly in the background for the good of all, and it is their tireless efforts that motivate me to succeed in this re-election campaign. These are the people that organize memorials, village fairs, bike tours, road races, and of special note the employees of the city of Newton who serve us so well.

This November, I am asking for your vote and continued support and more importantly I actively seek your comments and suggestions. (Please be nice)

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