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Jake’s rollups as seen on Yelp.

Way back in my younger days I worked in a great little sandwich shop in Suffern, NY. It was there I learned a few things about making sandwiches, such as hollowing out the rolls and using shredded lettuce. 

Both of those are a lost art. The last place I knew that shredded lettuce was a century-old deli and convenience store that is now the location of Yogurt Beach. 

A comment in the post about the passing of Inna’s brings up an age-old question: where do you get a good sandwich? You need to stay in Newton (while Moody’s and Domninic’s in Waltham are both great, they don’t qualify) and you can’t list your own kitchen. 

A few of my favs? Jake’s Falafel Corner is always good both for shwarma or falafel (the buffalo falafel is wonderful). I also like Sandwich Works, which happens to be the birthplace of Jakes. They make a great club (with chicken, turkey, and even chicken salad). 

What hidden gems do you have? 

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