City Councillor Ted Hess-Mahan has had a good 14 year run but he’s hanging up his spurs … or given that cowboy looks he’s got going on these days, maybe he’s just putting the spurs on.

Ted is not running for City Council this year and is stepping aside.  He’s not running for mayor either.

I’m going to miss his sense of humor during what can otherwise be awfully dreary meetings at City Hall.  I’m going to miss his “call em like I see em and let the chips fall where they” may attitude.  I’m going to miss the passion he brought to the job.

Thanks for 14 year of hard work, long nights, and endless meetings.

He may be leaving the Counciloric Chamber but he’s not leaving the city.  Now that he won’t be moonlighting at City Hall next year he’ll have more time to work on his musical performances and on his always informative, but rarely terse Village14 posts.

Good luck on whatever comes next Ted.

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