Appropriately enough, much of the focus in Newton this fall will be on a mayoral election between at least three qualified candidates and the city’s proposed new charter.

At the same time, every City Council and School Committee seat will also be on the ballot.  The next City Council should be particularly interesting, given that at least three veteran councilors — Scott Lennon, Ruthanne Fuller and Amy Sangiolo — won’t be seeking re-election as they run for mayor (and at least one other veteran councilor is expected to not seek re-election either).  Meanwhile, anyone who does choose to run will campaign knowing that by the next election cycle (2019) we will have a smaller council if the charter is approved.

This is a great year for anyone who has been wanting to serve our city for a while or who has recently been inspired by the national election to enter public service.

So are you ready to step up and run?  Let us know.

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