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The recently completed Upper Falls Greenway walking trail has been a big hit in the neighborhood so local resident Jerry Reilly hopes to expand on the concept.with the Upper Falls Grayway

Says Reilly “We’ve got more than our share of butt ugly industrial infrastructure scattered around the neighborhood so why not turn it into a feature.  The proposed trail will take a meandering course right through the middle of the Elliot St DPW yard, from there it will traverse the Eversoure electric substation property, taking a serpentine route around each transformer, continuing the electric theme it will cross on to the T property past their electric substation  and exit on Winchester St.. 

“The central aesthetic that will tie the whole project together is chain link” says local history buff Reilly.  “Chain link is the incredibly versatile material that enabled dangerous sites to be smoothly integrated into residential communities and we want to celebrate that history.”

Say Reilly “Next up is the Upper Falls Blueway, a waterside path along the Charles.  By the time we complete the planned rainbow of Upper Falls paths you won’t be able to step out your door without being on one”