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The School Committee has been working on changing to a later start time for the Newton schools.  From the start there has been some minor resistance to the idea from parents who are concerned about the impact on sports and other after-school activity, 

Just this week though a new organization called the ETBETR Parents Alliance has formed to fight the proposed changes.  In fact the ETBET.R folks are pushing back hard in the opposite direction – i.e. earlier start times.  Says ETBETR president Dean Whitney “If it’s good enough for Ben Franklin, its good enough for me. ‘Early to bed early to rise’ is a whole way of living that has been shown in  study after study to lead to health, wealth, and wisdom”.

Says co-president Bill Braudis “Hell I have a hard enough time getting my kids to bed as it is.  If you start school even later they’ll be up all night”.

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