Mayor Setti Warren today officially offered the Library in Newton Centre to the New England Mobile Book Fair as its new home. A recent e-survey conducted by City Hall surprised planners with its findings that there are more bibliophiles in Newton than in all of the rest of Massachusetts and that 79% of those book lovers ride bicycles and do not own cars. (Now known as “biblio-psycho-philes). This information was to be announced at the Mayor’s Transportation Strategy “Newton Leads 2040,” to be held on April 6, but the possible loss of the Mobile Book Fair to Needham precipitated the early news release. A flash mob was seen dancing with books during the snowfall on the Newton Centre Green this afternoon while carrying signs saying: “Yes to Books in the Old Library and No to a Trump Tower in the Garden City.” Some also carried signs saying “Eat turkey, the other white meat.”

There was no comment from any City Councilors who were all at Newton-Wellesley Hospital, recovering from puns and needles they experienced after reading Lipshutz’s V14 Article challenging T-H-M this evening.

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