In a gesture of goodwill, Mayoral candidates Scott Lennon and Ruthanne Fuller are pledging that no matter who wins, they will both play a significant role in the next administration. In a join press release, they laid out a plan to create the position of ‘Deputy Mayor’ for whichever loses the race, a rare sign of civility in our hyperpartisan country. 

“We don’t have the luxury to walk out of this room divided,” Lennon said. “If we waste even a moment of going at it over who supported who, we are not going to be standing up for those people.”

“We have to walk out of that room together,” Fuller explained. “And then, we have to make it into something that really means something.”

Fuller’s only concern was the effect the second position would have on Newton’s OPEB obligations long turn, an issue she assures us she is crunching the numbers on personally.