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Patrice Westrate lives across from Hemlock Gorge in Upper Falls.  Her father-in-law Larry Westrate was in the park and came across a very mysterious object.  He found it on the Newton side of the river, near the foundation of an old fireplace, on the hillside by Echo Bridge (where we’ve held the Eggcelent Breakfasts) but down the slope, more towards the river. 

Says Patrice “It’s so interesting because it has letters (A-E) marked on the different parts of the image, where the image is cross-sectioned (as indicated by the cross-hatching). These letters are backwards on the artifact. When the image is printed the letters are facing the correct direction – I do think it is meant to be used for printing because of this and the way the design of the hand with its raised edges. The piece is definitely tool steel as it has iron in it.”

Time for a little “crowdsourcing”.  If you have any idea of what this is or where it may have come from, send us the details ([email protected])

Here are photos of the back of the object and an image that Patrice printed with it.


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