Since we are ever in search of a new place to chow out, my husband suggested we try the new “pizza” place in Waban Square. Waban has had two previous restaurants in the same location in recent years and both had closed: Kouzina and Waban Kitchen. Tonight as we walked in and were instructed to order at the small counter at the rear of the restaurant and then were seated at a table to await our order, we discovered that every table had “first-timers” eating there. Then a strange thing happened. Even after living in Newton since 1972 and eating out frequently, we have previously noticed that we rarely see people in Newton restaurants whom we know. Last night was clearly different. First of all, a multigenerational  table of ten was filled with people we have known for 37 years who still live in Waban; then, a close friend from Chestnut Hill walked in to join his son and SO and stood reminiscing with us for a few minutes; and then another couple, dear friends who moved from Waban to Newton Centre 12 years ago, walked in and joined us to share the victuals. It was the first visit for all of us and the unanimous decision was that the food was excellent. The salads would feed a small army and looked just-picked-from-the-garden fresh. The lemon-pepper-parmesan wings were delicious and the Special pizza was definitely a winner. The bar patrons, where four or five couples were leaning on the bar from their high-top chairs, looked comfortable and happy. This is a local place to eat with kids or to meet some friends for drinks. All I can say is “Welcome to Waban!” This is a true neighborhood gem.

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