My household received a flyer this morning from the Committee to Re-Elect Emily Norton that lays out reasons not to support the Charter Commission’s suggestions. 

The arguments are what you’d expect: reduces local representation and accountability, concentrates political power, hinders and blocks independent votes, turns councilors into full-time politicians, and breaks traditions of American government. 

An excerpt:

[The Charter Commission is] aiming for, in their words, “greater public participation in government,” and “effectiveness, responsiveness, and efficiency.” Neewton’s charter had not been reviewed in forty years, so such a review make sense – however, the changes they are recommending are drastic and likely to have a negative effect on our city’s governance.

Seems a little early to try and capture the attention of voters to me, but I’m confident there’s a strategy in place. The question for me remains: If the proposed changes are the only path forward for reducing the size of the City Council, are they worth the drawbacks they’ll create? 


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