Newton Republican activist Tom  Mountain wrote a guest column in this week’s Newton Tab called “Pro-Trump Newton students in a hostile environment.”.  The column was remarkably thin on any factual details of NNHS persecution of Trump supporting students.  The key item he did mention was that the school provided a room for Trump supporters to watch the inauguration and he said that the entire school watched both Obama’s inauguration – fair point if true.  The other details mentioned were devoid of any factual specifics – “make them as uncomfortable as possible. Keep them guessing if that lower grade they got in English might just be because of their allegiance to The Donald …”

The gist of the column wasn’t so much focused on specifics of inappropriate treatment of students, rather it was contrasting the patriotic 1967 Newton High School faculty with the “radical” “leftist” faculty of today who are “all complicit in embracing the anarchist mob whose motto is kill-cops-at-every-chance.” .

The column ends with a threat to have the Newton School department’s federal funding pulled – “believe me, we can make it happen.”

These are strange times indeed and that is one very strange column

Read it and tell us what you think.    

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