Has the divisive rhetoric of the nation started to exacerbate cracks in Newton’s own community? An article on WGBH.com by Gabrielle Emanuel seems to argue that yes it has. Using the recent meeting about sanctuary cities as a backdrop, Emanuel points to some of the caustic language used to paint a picture of a community divided, even one that agreed overwhelmingly (75%) that we elected the wrong person. 

President Trump is known for caustic tweets and a disregard for political correctness. His campaign ushered in a new level of name-calling and mudslinging to presidential politics. There’s been a similar tenor to the debates playing out locally in Newton.

On a rainy night, people filed past several police officers and packed City Hall. They were there to debate whether Newton should position itself as a sanctuary city for undocumented immigrants.

Newton is not alone in debating whether to adopt sanctuary city status – and, it’s not a big change from Newton’s existing police practice. What’s interesting in Newton is the bitterness of the debate.

Give it a read, I’m curious to hear if people think if Newton is more divided, or if this was simply a divisive issue that is being made into much more. 


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