| Newton MA News and Politics BlogEcho Bridge on the Charles River in Upper Falls is without a doubt one of the most beloved locations in the city of Newton.

For the last eight years the footpath on the top of the bridge has been lined with a chain link fence for safety reasons.   A local group of residents have put together a plan to restore the original railings and remove the “temporary” chain link – and they need all of our help.

As many of you know, the 140-year-old cast iron railings along the top Promenade are in disrepair and are obscured by a “temporary” chain link fence installed in 2008 for safety reasons.  Last fall, Newton and Needham residents formed the Echo Bridge Railing Committee to focus public and private resources to work with the Massachusetts Water Resources Authority (MWRA), owner of Echo Bridge, to seek Community Preservation Act (CPA) funding and private donations for an in-kind reconstruction of the 140-year old cast iron railings.

 Approval of these CPA requests will only happen with an outpouring of public support and pledges from local residents and companies to match Community Preservation and MWRA funds.  A decade of delay can be turned around this spring if, by mid February, we receive 100s of individual and corporate pledges both large and small. 

 To learn more details, read our attached News Release and Railing Reconstruction Plan. 

 Will you consider joining us in supporting this project?

There are four ways you can help…

1) Find more information and pledging instructions at www.EchoBridgeRailings.com 

2) Forward this email to family and friends whom you think share a fondness for Echo Bridge, and encourage them to join you in support.

3) Take a hike over the bridge this month and look more closely at the condition of the current railing system.

4) Email us at [email protected] if you want to join the Committee’s fundraising team.

Note: if you wish to help grow our # of supporters and funds without appearing on the donor list (e.g. if you serve on a public committee and shouldn’t associate your name with an advocacy group), please specify that your pledge is to be recorded as Anonymous.

Thank you for your consideration and support,

Echo Bridge Railing Committee

  • Lee Fisher, Newton
  • Brian Yates, Newton
  • Andreae Downs, Newton
  • Jeff Heller, Needham
  • Karen Osborn, Newton
  • Roger Feng, Needham
  • Maxine Bridger, Newton