… and everyone is invited!

The Elliot St bridge over the Charles River has been closed down since last June.  It’s been a headache for neighborhood residents and businesses for these last six months.   The bridge is opening back up so the neighborhood is throwing a party.

On Saturday morning at 11 AM a parade will kick off from the corner of Central Ave and Reservoir St in Needham.  It will march down the hill, across the river and into the mill complex at Elliot and Chestnut streets.  It’s shaping up nicely.  Today we picked up a truckload of giant puppets (see photo).  Paulette’s Dance Studio will be dancing in the streets.  The Feast of the Falls crew is putting together a float (thanks to Negosians for the flatbed truck).  The Newton Nomadic Theater is bringing Pumpkin, our miniature horse and beloved mascot.  We’ll have an antique fire truck, a kazoo choir,  the Newton South Newtones (accapella singers), Plugged-In (Needham rock band), the VFW, the boy scouts, The Mighty Dunns hockey team, Needham hockey teams and more is being added every day.

Everybody in the city is invited … not just to see the parade but to be IN the parade if you like.  We could use you for carrying giant puppets, wearing wild masks, throwing candy off a float, or being a member of the kazoo choir.  To be in the parade, be at Central & Reservoir in Needham at 10:30 Saturday morning and we’ll find you a role you’ll like.  To watch the parade, be down by the Elliot St Bridge by 11 AM.  Whether you come to watch or to be in in it, bring something loud to bang on.  We want people across the city to hear the big noise emanating from Upper Falls next Saturday

The parade will end at the mill and there’ll be refreshment and entertainment under a big tent in the parking lot.

Rain, snow or shine – don’t miss it.

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