At its next meeting (this coming Tuesday, November 29th), the School Committee will continue their discussion and vote on names for spaces in the Newton North building. The committee commissioned the Newton North Naming Committee to make recommendation in 2010.  Some recommended names were names from the old Newton North building that they recommended to move to the new Newton North (like Lasker Auditorium).  They also added some new names. No action was taken after the possibility of selling some naming rights was raised and defeated.  Last winter the School Committee asked the naming committee to reconvene with an updated report. The full updated report is here.

The naming committee in their updated report did remove the recommendation of naming the lobby after former Mayor David Cohen but it seems there may be a vote to include that name anyway.

I thought this was an interesting topic and haven’t really seen it discussed either here or in the paper (if it was and I missed it, apologies), so thought it would be worth bringing out for people to discuss.

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