A Brookline elementary school guidance counselor shared this with teachers today. It’s very powerful and might help some parents of young children…

Thoughts for talking to my children today (and reassurances to myself):

1) This is what a democracy looks like. If we want the freedoms that democracy provides, we have to be willing to face disappointing outcomes. We can’t have one without the other.

2) We don’t know what will happen. There are many, many people who care deeply about our country and our world, and will not give up.

3) We must think carefully about the role we will play moving forward. What will we care about and work toward? How can children contribute?

4) This outcome doesn’t change our core beliefs in love, optimism, and hope. NO ONE can ever take your beliefs from you. The test of a good and great person is how they respond to being kicked, so let’s strengthen our beliefs, strengthen our ideals, and use our power for good.

5) A bully won this time, because he was able to convince a lot of people that he had the answers. This does not change our expectations of you. Your strength is in being a good friend, a thoughtful person, and a leader. Lead with kindness.

6) We will live with the people who voted for Trump for a long, long time. They are also people who love their children, and want security and safety for their families. We have to learn to listen to and understand them.

My beloved children, this is a challenge, and a big one. We will get through it together, because that is what we do. Let’s get through it with heart and chutzpah.


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