14938310_10155405915829992_6982745884263854744_nI planned my voting time around the Franklin School bake sale, which goes to support the 5th Grade Moving On Ceremony. But at 8am, there still was no table in the back of the gym. 

A few minutes later in a flurry of activity, parents and kids arrived carrying plastic containers and shopping bags filled with goodies, but they were told by poll workers that they couldn’t set up in the gym. The poll worker I spoke with said he spoke with someone at City Hall who made the decision. I have a call in to City Hall and haven’t yet heard why. 

I’ve been voting at the Franklin School for 20 years and the bake sale, to my memory, is always in the gym, usually in the back corner near the entrance to the school. This year, however, they are outside, which I’m hoping will bring more customers. 

I don’t know if this is a change in policy or a one-time thing. This year the outside location shouldn’t be much of an issue, as it’s a nice day, but what happens on years in which it rains or is very cold? 

I apologize for the quality of the photo, as the sun was pretty bright. For the record I bought butterscotch cookies, brownies and banana bread. 

What did you buy?