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16518145067_91cbaaa23e_z-1Globe West featured this question in its “The Argument” column: Should Governor Charlie Baker support a candidate in the presidential race? Pro and cons are provided by Republicans.

I don’t understand why the media isn’t pressing Baker on this. Of course, he should say who he’s voting for. He’s a leader, regardless of party. No doubt he’s in a difficult position but that’s precisely why he shouldn’t be allowed to sit this one out. His constituents deserve to know what he’s going to do in what might seem to be an impossible situation.

He has said he’s not voting for Trump or Clinton. Or the libertarian ticket. Is it ok for our governor to tell our youth that he’s not voting for president? Upping the number of charter schools and defeating the legalization of marijuana are priorities to him but the choice for our next president is just too hard for him to make? That’s bs. 

Whichever choice he makes will affect people’s opinions of him, which is why he should share that information and not be given a pass. 



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