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It used to be that when walking around the streets of Newton, I would look with envy at those homes with their plush, dark green,weed-free lawns.

drought mapBut while on a stroll through the Highlands last night, I realized that my attitude has changed. Now I look at folks with the deep green lawns and wonder how in good conscious those homeowners can continue to pour gallons of water onto their lawns in the middle of our worst drought in a decade?

I write this realizing that — technically — Newton is not under any water restrictions because the water levels at the Quabbin remain “normal.”  So am I wrong? Is it perfectly fine to still be watering our lawns as long as the Quabbin has all the water we need?  Are you watering your lawn? Is your family taking any other steps to save? Or what time can I come by and run under your sprinkler?





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