The Charter Commission met last night to begin a discussion about the current proposal to revamp the city council. The proposal as supported by a unanimous straw voted earlier this year included:

  • 8 members elected by the entire population but residing in each of the 8 wards,and 
  • 5 members elected at large that would run in a pool, with the top 5 vote getters being elected.

Two tweaks to that proposal were suggested and discussed last night. First, the Commission discussed the relative advantages and disadvantages of a 12 member City Council as opposed to 13. Second, the Commission discussed whether the “pool” method for selecting the 4-5 additional councillors should be changed to a “district” model. These district councillors would still but elected at large, but would each have to reside in a subset of the city that would include multiple wards.

To be clear, under both of the scenarios I am describing, all councillors would be elected at large, only the selection method would be different.

Personally, I am undecided on the question, as it seems were several of the other Commissioners. Your feedback would be helpful to me and my fellow Commissioners as we debate these 2 concerns. I’ve also included a poll on “district” vs. “pool” councillors below.

[polldaddy poll=9505856]

Which city council configuration do you prefer?

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