kids against trumpThe Atlantic has a great story (“Why are third-graders afraid of Donald Trump?”) about two Newton elementary school children who co-founded Kids Against Trump. Micah St. George and Alexis Fridman, both soon-to-be fourth graders at Angier “appear to be at the fore of the elementary-age set” in organizing against either Trump or Hilary Clinton, wrote Emily Richmond.

From the article:

“The idea for the petition started in February after some of Trump’s speeches. The candidate’s words troubled Micah on two levels. First of all, there were Trump’s disparaging comments about women, Muslims, and immigrants. Micah was adopted from Guatemala as an infant, and he has two moms. So it felt to Micah like Trump was attacking his family and friends.”

Here’s my favorite quote (from Fridman):

“If I talked like Donald Trump, I’d get sent to the principal’s office immediately.”

The story goes on to talk about how public school teachers are handling this presidential campaign in their classrooms.

Here’s the change.org petition asking the Republican Party to Dump Trump.

Here’s Kids Against Trump’s Facebook page.

Bravo to these two kids for their civic engagement!


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