In a succession of 5-4 votes, the Charter Commission tonight approved (in a straw vote) 12-year term limits for mayor and city council, and to retain eight-year term limits for School Committee.

Members acknowledged that they hadn’t heard much from residents about wanting term limits for mayor, but several felt that if the City Council is going to be term limited, it was important to do the same for the mayor’s office to retain the right balance of power.

Update: The votes were as follow:

In favor of 8-year term limits for School Committee: Frantz, Manning, Krintzman, Haywood, Barash.  Opposed: Kidwell, Larner, Lipsitt, Steele (Note: some of the commissioners were in favor of 12 years instead of 8 for SC.)

In favor of 12-year term limits for mayor: Frantz, Manning, Barash, Larner, Kidwell. Opposed: Haywood, Lipsitt, Krintzman, Steele

In favor of 12-year term limits for City Council: Frantz, Manning, Larner, Kidwell, Haywood. Opposed: Barash, Lipsitt, Krintzman, Steele




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